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Be part of the community, reconnect with your natural environment and improve your wellbeing.

Our Vision

Hannah’s is a space that all can feel welcomed and a part of. We have a strong focus upon reaching those in our community who maybe most at risk from social isolation and work towards a model of empowerment where all can integrate fully into the project and their wider community. Hannah’s is a project that focuses upon the basic but important things that are diminishing in our current society.  These being the value of real human connection, whether this be during our planned groups or the promise of a friendly face for anyone that pops on.

We are passionate about wellbeing and nutrition, whether this is providing our community with organic nutrition dense fruit and vegetables or teaching adults and children how easily they can grow their own food. One of our greatest missions is to assure all our local children that real food comes from the ground and not just supermarkets! We are focussed the wellbeing of our natural environment and how by working in harmony with it we can improve our own well being as well as that of our planet.


We are four years into our project now and are growing stronger each year. We aim to increase our offer to the community and would like to inspire and support many more projects like ourselves. Please explore our website to see what we currently offer and get in touch if you would like to know more or get involved.


How it all started

Hannah Fields began in August 2018 when we took on a lease from the council of a two acre green site that had been unoccupied and unmanaged for over 25 years.  It had been known fondly by the people of Littleover as the horse field when a number of local people had kept horses on the field. After the horses left the gates were closed and the land became overgrown completely with brambles and unfortunately became an ideal spot for fly tipping and other anti-social behaviours.

We brought our community in from the very first day to start transforming the land into a space that would be welcoming to both the community and wildlife. The support from the community was beautifully overwhelming, from donations of materials and time to lots of well wishes support and advice. With the support of the community and the commitment of the team Hannah’s quickly became a space that the whole community could benefit from. With a passion for the benefits of connection, nature, holistic wellbeing and community we have created a space that is inclusive of all offering all the naturally good things in life!

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