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Market Garden

Our growing area on Hannah’s provides the community with a vast selection of seasonal organically grown fruit and vegetables. All growing processes are strictly organic using only soil association approved and certified organic products, seeds and composts.

Not only do we follow the principles of organic growing, we also grow our fruit and veg biodynamically. Chemicals in our food is a growing problem, so you can be assured that if buying your food from Hannah’s you are getting the 100% goodness that nature intended.

All our produce is picked fresh on request to ensure that its as fresh as possible and no wastage occurs. All packing is plastic free, and with all food grown on the gardens there are zero food miles. Individual items and veg boxes available when seasonal.

Eating seasonally has great benefits for our health so although you won’t find tomatoes on Hannah’s in December you do know that what is available is great for you, for the family and our planet.

An important part of our ethos here at Hannah’s is to inspire our community to grow and inform of all the benefits of bringing as much natural food into our diet as possible. That’s why here at Hannah’s when purchasing your vegetables our grower Matt is always available with any tips and advice needed. As your produce is picked on request, why not bring the children along so that they can see how food is really grown.

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